David Domoney, TV Gardener and Chartered Horticulturist, Collaborates with Yard Force® in UK

YORK, England, March 4, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Choosing motorized garden tools can be a daunting task, and many gardeners choose to forego taking care of their green spaces because they lack the knowledge or confidence to buy and use the products suitable for that task.

By collaborating with Yard Force®, David Domoney hopes to provide the common gardener with a comprehensive view of a range of power garden tools that can deliver reliability, durability and high performance, with a view to demystifying power tools for everyone. David stated, “Like anything that has to do with the garden, once you know how to do it, it becomes so easy. By learning to care for our gardens properly, using power tools where necessary, we make our time in the garden that much more enjoyable and open up new avenues to learn new gardening techniques and to have a healthy and well-kept garden. Yard Force® is a brand of international prestige with years of experience and knowledge in the sector. Its Marketing Director, Victoria Rimmington, said: “Incorporating a well-known name to represent our brand instills the confidence we have in our products and their performance; we are delighted to be working with David to encourage people to go outside and enjoy transforming their garden with a little help from Yard Force. David added, “Giving people access to a better gardening experience is always a good thing, with practical tips to get the most out of your garden and the tools you need to get great results with little effort. The more we can do using professional electrical equipment, the more time we will have to enjoy the garden.

To this end, the tools that I am interested in demystifying are three practical power tools for gardeners, which are: the cordless mower, the 20V AquaJet pressure washer and the 280R compact robotic lawnmower with i-Radar technology. For me, these innovative products really show how exciting it is to be a gardener; whether you’re just starting out or a veteran, these products are a big game changer. ” Through a series of how-to videos, top-notch gardening tips, and exciting contests, this collaboration will encourage budding and virtuous gardeners alike to get outside, give their gardens a little love, and find out exactly how. motorized garden tools can give them the power they need to hone their gardening skills. About David Domoney: David Domoney is a seasoned gardening television host and currently hosts ITV’s Love your Garden, as well as being in charge of the gardening section of ITV’s This Morning.

David writes a gardening column in each issue of The Sunday Mirror and Grow Your Own magazines. He has won 30 RHS horticultural medals, with two trophies in the “best program” category, in addition to the Prince Edward Award for Excellence in Horticulture. Not only is David chartered with the Chartered Institute of Horticulture, but he is also the creator of UK gardening competitions such as Cultivation Street and Young Gardeners of the Year.

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