Three routines to get the most out of a simple jump rope exercise

You don’t have to be Rocky Balboa to jump rope. For the legendary boxer in the movies, exercise was part of a much more demanding training session, but for any of us it can be the ideal way to activate our body. One minute of jumping rope a day will not only provide health benefits, but it will also work most of your muscles, help improve your balance and coordination, and increase your cardiovascular endurance.

That is why at BBC Sports we invite you to the challenge of jumping rope with a simple session that will keep your body moving. Daily routine Step 1 Jump on the rope with both feet together at a moderate pace.

Keep your ankles and knees relaxed to absorb shock. Aim for it to be one fluid motion rather than two different positions. Increase the speed of the rope and the rate at which you jump. Aim to complete at least one minute during the first ten days. When you feel comfortable, progressively increase the time up to five minutes. When you get it, go to the next exercise.

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